Power and Energy

Molcom Multi-Concepts Limited provides a broad array of Power generation, Energy delivery and Water process technologies to solve global challenges. We work in several areas of the energy industry, which include solar and wind. We concentrate more on renewable power in consonance with our social responsibility to always pursue a climate friendly system.


As the world contends with a growing demand for electricity, rising fuel costs, and climate change concerns, renewable energy resources such as solar power are playing a larger role in the search for energy solutions. We are working hard to harness the power of the sun by using its expertise and industrial leadership to develop and deliver solar solutions that offer both performance and reliability. Our solutions for on-site solar energy generation can help our customers save on electricity costs, making annual energy spending more predictable, and fulfill sustainability goals. We provide complete solar solutions that take each customer’s circumstances and goals into account. We satisfy clients need for commercial, industrial, utility or hybrid applications, we draws on it breadth and depth of our offerings and expertise to help match customers to the right combination of technologies.

However, our engineering process for a site combines energy usage and cost analysis with predictive modeling to evaluate multiple design and ownership options, including:

  • Roof-top mouthed solar
  • Fixed: Tilt and tracking systems
  • Ground-mount system
  • Solar carport structures


Molcom Multi-Concepts Limited is one of the Nigerian leading wind turbine suppliers. Our product evolution is one of our core competencies and we are continuing this tradition by working with our partners oversea to developing the next generation of wind energy. With proven performance, reliability and availability, we offer increase value to our customers. Additionally, we offer support services that cover everything from development assistance to operations and maintenance. Whether you are at the beginning of your wind power journey, or looking to grow, we can provide the services you need.


Molcom Multi-Concept Limited is committed in providing metering solutions, introducing new technologies and design practices that optimize operations and pricing of electricity services. We are helping electricity distribution companies (DISCOs) accurately capture the benefits and costs of distributed resources.

Over the years our primary responsibility is to develop smart metering solutions and improved metering products in the market, while making sure they are in compliance with the relevant international standards. We also offer support and maintenance services with unequalled response times in the industry. These are aimed at stepping up our service delivery and at the same time increasing performance efficiencies in Nigeria electricity industry.