Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology as one of our product portfolios is designed to proffer solutions that address technology related business challenges that if fixed, add value to businesses in our contemporary business environment. We act as one- window source for end-to-end connectivity and ICT integration solutions; focusing on data, installation/ back-up services, voice and video networks (DVV), as well as Security solutions.

With our broad portfolio of solutions, years of experience and extensive technical support, we are strongly positioned and confident to provide the right solutions for your business in a manner that will delight you. Check up the service you require from our range of our ICT solutions and give us a call.


Molcom multi-concepts offer you a high capacity fiber broadband Internet connectivity that empowers organizations with high speed and huge bandwidth capacity. Our fiber Internet solution is very reliable with huge bandwidth availability. Our high-speed links allow you to grow unparalleled in capacity. It is ideal for corporate internet, audio/video communication on high-definition streaming, IP-TV, server hosting, remote server replication/backup, e-commerce website applications/portals, VPN-connecting branch offices, heavy-duty download services and any other business that relies on high –speed and high internet connectivity.

However, having understood the enormous importance and business value of having highly available redundant connectivity in IT enterprise, we are focused on providing the right infrastructure designed with multiple points of redundancy for high availability. Our automatic failover technology guarantees 100% Internet uptime, and ensures your link does not go down.


Molcom Multi-Concepts Limited delivers a wide range of business applications sparked by the strength of satellite technology. We effectively apply the flexibility and freedom of choice inherent in satellite communications, particularly our VSAT internet solutions with applications and functionality ranging from the very basic to the highly advanced and can be implemented gradually as demand grows or whenever new business procedures make it relevant. The basic infrastructural applications however remains the same and includes:

  • High-speed internet access for ISP, Cyber café, Banks, Universities, Government establishments, Hotels, Research institutions, Corporate offices and individual remove users
  • IP Backbone connectivity for telecoms and financial institutions
  • VPN –Interconnecting branch offices globally in an efficient and secured manner
  • Toll quality Voice and Fax (VoIP)
  • Conference and video presentations
  • Interactive distance learning
  • Remote offsite server replication-disaster prevention
  • Software distribution and remote administration
  • POS/ATM system connectivity
  • Alarm and surveillance system integration
  • TV Broadcasting


Molcom multi-concepts offers a wide range of broadband wireless communications solutions, from public Wi-Fi Hot Spot to last mile access as well security & surveillance and metropolitan area network coverage voice, data, video and internet distribution.


Our VPN solution allows organizations with multiple locations (branches, offices etc.) to connect and work together as a team in single private network. With Molcom’s VPN solution, geographical location of your branch offices is no longer a barrier to communication. Your teams will seamlessly and easily communicate and use critical business applications remotely without boundaries.

This solution empowers organizations with a cost effective way to improve performance through timely coordination and simultaneous running of business functions, including the use of common central database/applications across all branches wherever they are located. With our VPN solution your organization will substantially reduce communication cost, keep branch offices securely connected and create reliable infrastructure and environment for your team to work smarter, faster, and better together, anywhere and anytime.


Our SCADA systems ensure that our customers apply the most recent technologies in the monitoring and maintenance of powers systems. Ranging from the installation of Optical Ground Wires (OPGW) to the installation and configuration of terminal equipment for monitoring high voltage transmission lines, substations and transmission stations.